Our partners

We value our partners. 

We value teamwork and working towards a common goal. 

We know that by working together, with like-minded organisations, we can achieve more and ultimately help more people. 

Mental health awareness is too important to be protective over.  Get in touch to find out how we can work together…

Our current partners

Seaful is a UK charity helping more people to reconnect to the ocean and waterways, for their mental health benefits, and to nurture stewardship of our blue spaces.  Visit Seaful here.

WarriorKind® is a community dedicated to normalising conversations around mental health and well being. Here you will find inspiring stories, interact with other warriors, find resources and information to help you and others on your journey.  Visit WarriorKind here.

Cherished is a non-profit organisation providing attachment focused support for girls in Primary and Secondary schools across Birmingham. Their groundbreaking self-esteem workshops and mentoring schemes are committed to nurturing, empowering and developing the true potential of young girls.  Visit Cherished here.

Tough Enough To Care is a charity aimed predominantly at men of all ages who currently fall into the trap of having to act macho instead of talking about feelings and the main aim is to prevent male suicide. Visit TETC here.

Collaborate with us!

If you represent an organisation that would like to partner with a mental health training provider, then get in touch below.  We genuinely see the benefit of working with organisations, in establishing long-lasting relationships which benefit both parties.

We provide mental health training to make a difference and to help others.  We’re not interested in competition.  Mental health training is far too important to keep to ourselves!


Loftus Training Solutions – an MHFA England licensed provider of mental health first aid training.