Adapting to Change online

Understanding our mental health & wellbeing in response to significant change.

Adapting to Change is a series of live, interactive training sessions to help your team understand:

– why we fear change
– the impact it has on our life
– how to manage stress
– how to prepare for future, inevitable change

Adapting to Change online explores the relationship between the fear of change, the subsequent impact it can have on our lives – and how we can be empowered by preparing for future, inevitable change.

Delivered by an experienced mental health and wellbeing professional; this online webinar combines self-help strategies for coping with stress in an ever-changing world, together with evidenced-based communication techniques for supporting others who may be experiencing a low sense of wellbeing; helping them to return to calm.

This course is suitable for individuals, teams and large groups wanting to understand more about why we feel the way we do when threatened by change, what we can do to change the way we feel and how we can apply these strategies in everyday life.

As well as effective strategies designed to manage your own wellbeing, reduce feelings of anxiety and stress – Adapting to Change also provides opportunity to explore ways to support others with their own mental health and wellbeing, together with lifetime access to a variety of useful resources to take away.

Choose from the following formats:

  • Adapting to Change Webinar, for large audiences
  • Adapting to Change 1:1 coaching conversation
  • Adapting to Change for teams

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