The importance of self-care.


I love to SUP!

In this article, I explore my own passion for Stand-Up Paddleboarding and how it makes me feel.

But bigger than that, I’m hoping this will be the first of many posts which celebrate self-care from far and wide.  I’ll be inviting friends, colleagues and connections to share their own stories – about what they do to feel happy.  How do they manage their own stress levels, particularly in such challenging times as 2020.

If you take part in a regular self-care activity and want to share your story, then please get in touch today!


One of the things I love the most about SUP, is the complete sense of freedom.  Just me, my board and the water.  Simple.

I paddle mostly on rivers and sometimes fairly fast moving water.  From the moment I jump on the board and leave the riverbank behind, I feel free and alive.


The sense of adventure

SUP provides an opportunity for me to explore.  I can load up the board with kit and set off on a day or overnight adventure, no problem.  This sense of adventure is something I’ll always be chasing; as it keeps me motivated and eager to explore new places.  This image is of me completing a 12-mile solo journey on the local canal network, raising awareness of World Mental Health Day and in collaboration with Oyster Outcomes – who I’m very proud to be an associate mental health trainer for.


Mindfulness can mean different things to different people.  To me, it’s about absolute 100% focus.  No room for distraction.

If I’m paddling a section of moving water, then I need to be completely present and in the moment.  In control.

Any opportunity to escape mobile devices, social media or other distractions and I jump at the chance to get paddling!


Social connection

The science of wellbeing tells us that doing things with others, having shared experiences and reliving fond memories together – all contribute to our overall state of happiness.

In 2018, myself and some of my closest friends decided to paddle a section of the river Thames.  Then again in 2019, we decided to paddle the next section linking up from the year before.  We had big plans for 2020.  Not only were we to paddle our longest section in any one day, but our group of paddlers had grown significantly.  It was set to be a great adventure and one which we will definitely complete next year…hopefully!

This photo will always bring back fond memories (savouring – another well-known technique contributing to happiness!) as it was taken just before we embarked on our 2019 adventure, on a beautiful section of the river Thames from Maidenhead to Windsor.  Good times.


If you would like to share your self-care story with us, then please get in touch – either from our website contact form here or by emailing

We would love to hear how you prioritise your own mental health and wellbeing, reduce stress levels and keep yourself happy 🙂

Look after yourselves and stay happy.

– Matt