CRFC Vets Weekly Fitness

To enter your time(s) each week, click the link below and complete the info after your run or challenge…

The table below will be updated on Sunday nights at 9 pm.

Good luck!

Sunday 28th Feb - Sunday 7th March 2021
Updated weekly on Sunday nights at 9 pm
Name5k timeConditions (wet, dry, windy etc)Perceived Rate of Exertion (P.R.E)
40 yd dash timeConditions (wet, dry, windy etc)Perceived Rate of Exertion (P.R.E)
Dean28.54WetJesus!4.2 secsDryJust leave me here, don't talk to me
Del22:00DryJesus!TBCDryF*ck me!
Shoesy27.32DryFeeling OK9 secondsDryFeeling OK
Goffy25.32DryJesus!Shuffled 🙂DryFeeling OK
Blatch23.18WindySo so6 secsWindyCan't breathe
Matty25:00DryF*ck Me!Rapid!DryFeeling OK
Chris Leah25:59DryLicked a battery---



This week’s challenge…

It’s all about the change of pace this week, as we move into an advanced form of training from Sweden.  The purpose of Fartlek, or ‘Speed Play’ training is to get comfortable with being very uncomfortable for a short amount of time.  Quick bursts of very hard running will prepare your body for the demands of the pitch!

The workout (Total distance is still 5k)

  • 5 mins easy pace
  • 1 min hard pace (push it hard, but last the full 60 secs!)
  • 1 min easy
  • 1 min hard
  • 1 min easy
  • 1 x all-out sprint (max. 10 secs)
  • After your second round, complete any remaining distance left at an easy pace, to a maximum of 5k.
  • Stretch it out…you’ve earned it!

Let’s do this!



Sunday 21st - 28th February 2021
Updated weekly on Sunday nights at 9 pm
NameTimeConditions (wet, dry, windy etc)Perceived Rate of Exertion (P.R.E)
Luke25:48DryF*ck me!
Dean30:12DryF*ck me!
Paul Adams30:?DryJesus!
Big Del22:12DrySo so
Danny Ray22:54DryJesus!
Shoesy28.40DryF*ck me!
Chris Leah28:04DryF*ck me!
Paul Schelhaasio26:02DrySo so

Good effort lads!

Let’s not stop now, get out there this week again and just do it!